Ateneo de Davao University

Ateneo de Davao


  1. Create a platform for grassroots intra-faith (between and among Muslims and fellow Muslims) and inter-faith (between and among Muslims, non-Muslims, and peoples of other faiths) dialogue within Ateneo and its community;
  2. Provide an avenue for articulation of present issues and concerns of Muslim communities by engaging various Muslim interests and sectoral groups into caucus and consensus building (i.e. socio-political religious exchange);
  3. Engage government structures, mechanisms, and laws towards inter-civilizational dialogue and peace-building (or to the effect: creating a more peaceful and tolerant society);
  4. Facilitate Islamic knowledge production, preservation, and promotion through research studies and scholastic endeavors;
  5. Create/facilitate academic and cultural exchanges and linkages with international groups on intercultural and interreligious (interfaith) concerns.