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Ideas and Concepts: May 9, 2016 National Elections

HONOLULU, Hawaii – Less than a week from now comes the Philippine national elections. I tried my best not to dwell in the presidential elections because almost all of the candidates for me are all qualified.

But the main question, which I did not want to answer publicly, who among them can deliver? As the day of the elections come near and as I do my work in the US since last April 2016, I cannot help myself but open my Facebook (FB) and Twitter accounts and get some updates of what is happening on the ground. Very disappointing, every time I open these social media accounts, I can see how my family, friends, and relatives being so divided in whose to campaign and vote for the presidency. I read the posts of my friends unfollowing, blocking, or un-friending some of their FB friends because they simply do not agree with the views of others regarding their candidates. Some will even argue and fight over these issues. Some will even just write a private message to send personal views and avoid any further complications. Few days ago, while I was in New York City, I posted this in my FB Timeline: “I like Mar Roxas, I have high respect to him. But with the way they are handling this campaign, it makes me want to puke. Trillanes, “You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time.”

I wrote this because I was inclined to support Mar Roxas. Last year, before Duterte decided to run for the presidency, our organizations in Mindanao were united in supporting Sec. Mar. But when Duterte decided to run, then it changed the whole story and the political landscape.

I cannot simply tolerate this kind of black propaganda. When I saw Sec. Mar himself on the TFC news, showing some documents, it made me remember my days in law school studying the Rules of Court on Evidence and the Bank Secrecy Law. Then, I saw the desperate move of the Liberal Party. Duterte has been in public service for more than three decades. He was an ally of almost all previous administrations. During the 2010 local elections, his contender for the city mayorship was the former Speaker of the House. This issue about corruption and hidden wealth were never brought up and used against him. If the LP slogan is “Tuwid na Daan ng mag Disenting Tao”, then they should have stick with that. Walk the talk. Don’t make this slogan as a mere idea or concept.

In reality it is a whole lot different ball game. Yes, I agree that ideas and concepts are like seeds that we plant. These seeds has to grow based on our plan of actions and implementations.

Davao City is not an overnight success. It took years for all Dabawenos to have what they have now. Duterte also admits that he needs the help of every Filipino once he is elected as president of the Republic. My only question now for my friends who are not supporting him, bashing him day and night during this time of campaign period, will you support a Duterte’s administration?

In my case, I will support anyone who will be elected as president. I believe that is the idea and goal in a democracy.

The conflict between Trillanes and Duterte for me is a game of “affidavits”. Had Trillanes signed “another affidavit that will state that in the event the accounts indeed never contained deposits amounting to P211 million or more at any given time since account opening, then Trillanes should subject himself to various sanctions provided by law” (Willy Ramasola’s post on FB, 2016). This conflict would be over.

Lastly, I wrote last night in my FB Timeline: “This election should also focus on the Vice Presidency. Because if Bong Bong Marcos wins, what does it mean to the Filipino people? Will EDSA 1 become a myth of our past? Will the Martial Law years be justified in our history? I still go for LeniRobredo. But the way LP is handling their campaign, Leni might be a collateral damage. Sad, but true.”

This is the clear and present challenge in our time today. It’s more than an idea or a concept. That is why my focus is in Leni. She has to win this election!