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Bachelor of Arts in Islamic Studies Major in Political Economy

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AB Islamic Studies Program is a four-year degree course offered by the Ateneo de Davao University. AB Islamic Studies promotes leadership and governance paradigms that are rooted in Islamic tradition as well as Jesuit educational philosophy. It seeks to develop professionals, scholars, and peace advocates steeped in Islamic faith, culture, and political economic practice.

The program specializes in Political Economy, which investigates relations between a society’s political structures and economic conditions. The program aims to train individuals to be ethical, analytical, and responsive to changing needs, opportunities, and challenges intrinsic in deeply multicultural Mindanao, Southeast Asia, and the modern world.

Students will be expected to:
• Exhibit proficiency in oral and written Arabic;
• Demonstrate knowledge of the Qur’an and the Hadith;
• Analyze events and texts that affect national and international politics and economy;
• Synthesize aspects of Islamic history, art and culture, philosophy and the Sharia; and
• Develop values and principles anchored in the Islam as a way of life that encompasses the economic, social, cultural, political and legal foundations of human relations.

Program curriculum can be viewed here: