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MSummit National Conference and Awarding Ceremony

Published on , by Kristelle Rizardo.

There is a need to give a platform to deserving Moro youth who have made significant contributions to their local communities. For them to be given a proper forum of recognition and awareness, there will be a national convention of Moro youth.

The purpose for this event is three-fold; to network and forge connections between the Moro youth, to give recognition to the contributions that Moro youth have done for their communities at large, and to empower them to work for the causes that need to be worked on. This event will also feature the offline and online campaigns done by the Salaam Regional Workshop Participants, especially their online and offline campaigns.

It is believed that, once connections are formed, groups will emerge from the National Convention that will serve as the basis for nationwide Moro civil youth groups.


The MSummit is one of the first attempts to convene the most active and empowered Moro youths from all over the Philippines. This will be a good avenue for the youths to get inspiration from each other’s initiatives in furthering their own respective causes.


The undeniably is a need to recognize the efforts of Moro or Moro-serving individuals or organizations in order to get their stories be shown and be driven inspiration out of, and ultimately, achieve the final objective of the event.


By recognizing these youths and exposing them to a bigger group where they share commonalities with, we get to empower them in a way that will serve as their driving factors to further with their initiatives and advocacies. This, in effect, can also lead them to empower others to act on their part of this responsibility.