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Stories That #MPower | #SCRAM: Stop Casual Racism Against Muslims 

Published on , by Kristelle Rizardo.

Our Generation MPower: Salaam Regional Workshops were a blast! From meeting with old and new friends in our Muslim Student Associations, to engaging with the issues that Moro youth deemed important, and getting to impart some of our own wisdom, we were all able to witness how the Moro, Mindanaoan, and Millennial youth put their ideas to action.

Here’s a look at some of the campaigns that really wowed us:


“May buhok ka pala?”

“Hindi ka mukhang Muslim.”

“Naliligo ba kayo ng naka hijab?”

“Kaya pala ganyan ang accent kasi Muslim.”

“Do you speak Muslim?”

Here in Mindanao, Muslims dominantly experience being victims of casual racism due to lack of background about Islam, family orientation, peer pressure, influence of the media, and etc.

CASUAL RACISM is the conduct of using offensive words or phrases and stereotypes or prejudices, as a form of joke, insult, or normal activity, that involves one’s race, religion, tribal affiliation, color, etc. Casual Racism leads to marginalization of those who experience it. It degrades one’s self-esteem and it can cause anxiety and depression (Australian Human Rights Commission).

With our power to influence through social media, let’s work together to disseminate information and spread awareness about racist actions and language, and encourage people to apply racial cultural sensitivity.

Thank you for your concern to humanity. Our little ways are of big help to those who are victims of casual racism. Together, let’s SCRAM! STOP CASUAL RACISM AGAINST MUSLIMS.