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A Statement Recognizing The Efforts Of The Moro Islamic Liberation Front In Endorsing Chairman Al-Hajj Murad Ebrahim To Head The Bangsamoro Transition Authority

Published on , by Kristelle Rizardo.

Through the decades of the Moro struggle, the Moro Islamic Liberation Front was borne out of the need to recognize the Bangsamoro’s sovereign rights to liberty, property, and self-determination. Soon to become a socio-political movement, they will now be mandated to promote good governance on every level of discourse.


Strong, consistent leadership is the key to lasting, unifying peace in the Bangsamoro and in Mindanao. As such, we recognize the efforts of the MILF Central Committee in endorsing its chairman, Al-Hajj Murad Ebrahim, to lead the Bangsamoro Transition Authority.


No one can doubt his leadership, his years of service and dedication to the Moro cause, and his respect amongst the various Moro fronts. What the Bangsamoro needs now is a charismatic, morally-sound, and competent leader in bringing us forward to the next step of our shared nation-building.


A collective effort is needed, in order to assure future generations to come will be living in safe, protected, and developed regions. We in the Salaam Movement, enjoin our fellow youth to show a united front in serving the people of the Bangsamoro, and of the Philippines.