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The MSummit Primer: Social Media Offline Campaigns

Published on , by Kristelle Rizardo.

Preparations are underway for the MSummit: Moro National Youth Conference, and we couldn’t be more excited for what’s in store! One of the things we’re hyped about are the results of the Generation #MPower: Salaam Regional Workshop social media campaigns. With each team focusing on a cause close to their hearts, each activity and post featured sentiments from Moro youth. Whether it’s about casual racism, tribalism, or fostering interreligious dialogue, our participants proved that there isn’t any issue that the youth cannot handle.


REGAP facilitated a mosaic making activity for Muslim and non-Muslim youth with the theme “Unity among different religions”. This was a twist on the Generation MPower workshop’s design, where art therapy was used to get the youth to know more about themselves and their perspective of the world.


Last October 23-24, #ToREAL went camping at SEARSOLIN, Upper Balulang, Cagayan de Oro City. The campers were toril and Xavier University students who immersed themselves into dialogues to promote peace, tolerance, and mutual understanding. The camp engaged the participants in activities and dialogue that molded friendship and created common understanding.

SCRAM: Stop Casual Racism Against Muslims

SCRAM recently conducted a conversation on “Casual Racism” committed against Muslims.

Casual racism on Muslims is brought about by the misconceptions and the lack of proper understanding of the Islamic Religion. These are questions which appear to be acceptable and normal to the addresser, while sensitive and detrimental to the addressee.


Trybalismo conducted a Moro Tribes Youth Assembly with the theme, “Interconnecting Differences for an Inclusive and Unified Community”.

Muslim Moro Youth voiced out their visions of an #inclusive and #united Bangsamoro Community to their fellow young Moros, as an encouragement to get involved in the journey of interconnecting differences , cultivating inclusivity and establishing unity.