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We Strongly Condemn the double bomb blast in front of IIC in Quiapo, Manila, Philippines

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Press Release

7 May 2017

We, the International Fellows of King Abdullah Bin Abdul Aziz Centre for Interreligious and Intercultural Dialogue (KAICIID) strongly condemn the double bomb blast yesterday in front of Imamate Islamic Center in Quiapo, Manila, Philippines.

This attack, like other terrorist acts around the world, was cowardly done and there is no justification for this act whatsoever.

The best response for all Filipino Muslims is to be reminded of the Amman Message.

Started as a detailed statement released on the eve of the 27th of Ramadan 1425 AH / 9th November 2004 by H.M. King Abdullah II ibn al-Hussein of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, the ‘Amman Message’ is reportedly the largest contemporary ijma (consensus) in the Muslim world, and it significantly highlights the following three (3) points: (1) Whosoever is an adherent to one of the four Sunni schools (madhahib) of Muslim jurisprudence (Hanafi, Maliki, Shafi‘i, and Hanbali), the two Shi‘ah schools of Muslim jurisprudence (Ja‘fari and Zaydi), the Ibadi school of Muslim jurisprudence and the Thahiri school of Muslim jurisprudence, is a Muslim; (2) there exists more in common between the various schools of Muslim jurisprudence than there is difference between them; and (3) acknowledgement of the schools of Muslim jurisprudence (madhahib) within Islam means adhering to a fundamental methodology in the issuance of fatwas.

Our heartfelt condolences, thoughts and prayers go to the families of the victims.

KAICIID International Fellows
[Based in Vienna, Austria, KAICIID is an intergovernmental organization whose mandate is to promote the use of dialogue globally to prevent and resolve conflict to enhance understanding and cooperation.]